Actively shaping standards

There are diverse opportunities for directly contributing to standards for everybody interested in or affected by a subject. Our informative graph shows the entire life cycle of a standard and the opportunities you have for actively shaping them and inputting your experiences.

How standards are developed - click on the interactive graph, get information and contribute actively

graphic explaining the shaping of standards Idea, project proposal Commenting on project proposed Committee prepares standard proposal Commenting on draft standard, standard is finalized Standard is published, standard is used Inputting experiences, updating standard if necessary

The life cycle of a standard

The above chart illustrates the life cycle from the development to the revision or withdrawal of a standard. Individuals, organizations and enterprises have many opportunites for contributing to standards and inputting their experiences throughout the development process of a standard!

Here you can get all the information summarized in our factsheet.

How you can actively shape standards

Ideas for standardization projects

Idea, project proposal

Do you believe that a normative document should be developed or updated? Propose a standardization project.

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Submitting comments online

Comments on proposed projects

Do you want to input your ideas on a project proposal? Submit your comments.

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How you can contribute to shaping standards in committees.

Committee prepares a proposed standard

Do you want to actively shape standards together with other market actors? Define tomorrow's standards today.

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Access to the Draft Standards Portal is free of charge, but requires registration

Commenting on draft standards, standard is finalized

You want to improve a standard? Submit your comments on current draft standards in the Draft Standards Portal.

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Standard is published, standard is used

Standard is published, standard is used

By using standards, many tasks are accomplished more safely and better.

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Commenting on standards

Inputting experiences, updating a standard, if necessary

Do you want to provide feedback on a published standard or update a standard? Submit your proposals for improvements.

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Commenting on business plans

Submitting comments on business plans

Do you want to comment on the business plans of committees being set up?

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Further Information

Man pointing at contract

Internal Regulations

The Internal Regulations govern, for example, the development of ÖNORM standards and participation in European and international standardization.

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