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Standardization in research projects

There are three possibilities how you can use standardization for the benefit of your research project: 

  • Knowledge and application of existing standards so that you can build on consolidated experiences;
  • Participation in a standardization committee of experts to get early information on standards being developed in the field of research concerned and to contribute to shaping them.
    More information on subjects covered by Austrian standardization committees and European standardization work;
  • Proposal of a standardization project in your own field of research in order to create the basis for market introduction and raise acceptance of new products. More information on existing national standardization projects is available in the national work programme.


The options which are best for you depend, for example, on:

  • whether national or international standardization committees or standards already exist in the research area in question,
  • whether national or European standards are already under development, and
  • which aspects of your research projects could benefit significantly from standardization.


How Austrian Standards can support you

In the Integrated Approach, Austrian Standards contributes to the preparation of proposals and the design of research projects by:

  • identifying relevant existing technical specifications of the following national and European standardization organizations: ASI, DIN, CEN, ISO. This serves to find out which standards are relevant for the research project;
  • analyzing where and when standardization will benefit the project and recommending how to cover standardization during the project.

During the project's implementation, ASI supports the project partners in identifying standardization potentials based on expectable project results and assists the project partners in translating research results into foundations for normative documents.

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Karl Grün, Director Standards Development

Karl Grün

Director Standards Development