Completed projects

Completed projects at Austrian Standards for Research & Innovation

Max and IRIS



  • A quality management scheme was developed for mobility management;
  • Research project under the 6th EU Framework Programme;
  • In parallel, CEN Workshop 37 "MOBIMA" developed a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA 16030 "Code of practice for implementing quality in mobility management in small and medium sized cities");
  • Austrian Standards Institute: project partner and secretariat of the CEN Workshop.



  • Integrated European Industrial Risk Reduction System;
  • Research project under the 7the EU Framework Programme;
  • CEN Workshop 63 "Condition Determination for Integrated Lifetime Assessment of Constructed Facilities and Components";
  • CEN Workshop Agreement prepared (CWA 16633 "Ageing behaviour of structural components with regard to integrated lifetime assessment and subsequent asset management of constructed facilities");
  • Austrian Standards Institute: subcontractor, secretariat of the CEN Workshop.

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