Austrian Standards Annual Report 2022

Standards enable innovation and networking


The EU Standardization Strategy emphasizes the strategic importance of standardization for making the European internal market more resilient, greener and more digital. For all European standardization organizations, this is a mandate: to bring even more expertise to the committees, to win over more experts for developing standards and to better reach the management and decision-making levels.

Austrian Standards is the Austrian organization for standardization and innovation. As a networking partner, we provide access to standards from all over the world. This makes a valuable contribution to the market viability and competitiveness of Austria’s economy. Thus, Austria contributes to shaping the future where it happens.

See for yourself which activities we implemented in 2022.

Dr. Valerie Höllinger, CEO of Austrian Standards

KommR DDr. Anton Ofner, President of Austrian Standards International

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About Austrian Standards


Austrian Standards is the gateway to a global standardization network with partner organizations from 167 countries.

We bring expertise from all over the world to Austria.

Our financing model


Austrian Standards offers

Platform for the development of standards

Network at European and international level

Access to standards from around the world

Digital tools to manage standards

Centre for further education

In-house publishing house

Independent certification body

Infrastructure for business meetings and events


Standards strengthen as an invisible force our economy and make our lives safe and comfortable.


nominating organizations


Standards connect Austria with Europe and the world.

They bring together experts from different disciplines and combine different perspectives to create common solutions.

Austrian Standards networks communities to form an ecosystem.


This networking generates a huge wealth of experience and a unique diversity.

Austrian Standards manages swarm knowledge in committees and working groups.

Only at Austrian Standards there were 144 committees and 304 working groups.

New: Presidential Council Committee for Research, Innovation, and Standardization (STAIR)

Members: Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austrian Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, Austrian Cooperative Research, Austrian Institute of Technology, Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, Federal Ministry of Labor and Economy, Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, industrial association, Infineon Technologies AG, Austrian Patent Office, OVE Austrian Association for Electrical Engineering, Oxfirst Ltd., Research and Technology Development Council, Vienna Business Agency, Austrian Chamber of Commerce, weXelerate GmbH

Standards bring economic success and exportable ideas.

They build bridges to the market for products, services and research results.





Research results

Research results

As the winners of the Living Standards Awards prove every year.


Awarded Achievements:

Better health programs

Alternative fuel calculations

Test methods without animal suffering

Smart glasses with eye tracking

Standards are a central element for a green, digital and resilient internal market.

Standards strengthen Europe in international competition. Examples:

Green Deal


Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence



Austrian Standards ensures

that Austria is heard on the European and international stage.


The formula for the success of standards:

Concentrated know-how & openness to everyone

Cooperation & diversity

Standards need active participation.


The more perspectives are incorporated, the greater the added value for economy and society.

Successful development Austrian Standards International 2018 to 2022

A comparison of the years 2018 to 2022 shows a relatively balanced and stable result over the years.

financial development

(amounts in EUR 1,000)


Revenues and expenditure 2022

Revenues of 2022 are made up of net income (approx. € 8.0 million), grants (approx. € 1.7 million) and financial income (approx. € 0.4 million). Expenses for 2022 consist of personnel costs
(approx. € 4.4 million), other operating costs (approx. € 5.1 million), depreciation (approx. € 0.5 million) and variable expenses (around € 0.1 million).

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