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The publishing division of Austrian Standards regularly edits treasure troves of knowledge for all industries based on the knowledge of around 4,000 experts.

These publications are available from our sales partners Facultas, Morawa, the Austrian Association of the Real Estate Industry (ÖVI) or directly from our Webshop. Just place your order now and you will receive the books free of shipping costs within three days.

In part, our publications are available as e-books in the PDF and ePub formats.

All publications are listed in the Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher (VLB), the directory of German books in print.

Unsere Fachliteratur kann teilweise als E-Book in den Formaten PDF oder ePub bezogen werden.

Browse our library and find all the important specialized publications you need for your professional work!

Our portfolio covers all the relevant subject fields. Place your order online right away. Of course, the publications will be delivered free of shipping costs.

Becoming an author

Are you an expert in your field of specialization and are you experienced in the practical application of standards? Do you have answers to questions about standardization-related or other specialized subjects? Are you able to explain and clearly present complex issues and developments?

If you answer all those questions in the affirmative, you are ideally placed to publish your expert knowledge with Austrian Standards.

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Reinhard Bradatsch, Head of Publishing & Training

Reinhard Bradatsch

Head of Publishing & Training
Phone: +43121300206
Lisa Maria Heiderer, Junior Programme Manager

Lisa Maria Heiderer

Junior Programme Manager
Phone: +43121300318
Gertraud Reznicek, Senior Editor Publishing

Gertraud Reznicek

Senior Editor Publishing
Phone: +43121300313