Keeping Standards up to date

Standards are living documents – learn here about the benefits of valid standards and how to keep them up to date.

Over time, the technologies you use change, alternative methods are developed and new experiences and findings are gathered. For these reasons, standards are reviewed at regular intervals and, if necessary, revised. As a result of such revisions, existing versions of standards are replaced by new ones.


Applying current standards is an important basis of safe and cost-efficient business operations

Keep your portfolio of standards up to date so that you

  • can take part in calls for tenders also in future,
  • have legal certainty with regard to liability issues,
  • can meet the quality requirements of your customers.

How to keep your standards up to date

Keeping standards up to date is actually quite easy. In just six steps you can lay the foundation for efficient management in your company.

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Minimize the risk of working with outdated standards by keeping your Portfolio up to date

The risks involved vary by industry and sector. A few examples are:

  • When you apply old standards, you might develop products and services that are out of touch with the market as they are not in line with the state of the art anymore.
  • The application of obsolete standards also means that your processes are outdated, for example, for meeting compliance requirements.
  • When you do not use the standards in effect, you do not take account of new experiences made by experts. In the case of test methods, for example, this could cast doubt on results obtained.

Update your portfolio and save money now!

If the volume of your order is 4,000 euro or more, you will get a 10 percent volume discount.

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A white paper provides useful guidance on a specific subject. Read our free white paper (in German only) to learn how to keep your standards up to date in only six steps.

In return for the free white paper, I make my data available to Austrian Standards. Austrian Standards may only use these data to inform me by e-mail about their own products and services (in particular, with regard to the application and management of standards). Of course, the data will not be passed on to third parties. Unsubscription is possible anytime.

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