Who we are

The international hub for innovative know-how.

We are Austrian Standards International, the Austrian member of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Being politically independent and neutral, we have ensured a transparent standardization process in Austria since 1920.

What does that mean?

Our committed team forms part of a large network comprising 4,200 Austrian experts in a dialogue with European and international experts. We make it possible for everyone to take part in shaping standards and facilitate access to, and the application of, internationally recognized expertise. This supports the interests of business, consumers, administration, science and research as well as society at large.

What started as the "Österreichischer Normenausschuss für Industrie und Gewerbe" (Austrian Standardization Committee for Industry and Commerce) is an important international hub for innovative know-how today.

Good to know

What Drives us

Standards and standardisation ensure that "one thing fits another" and that our daily lives work. They create practicable, sustainable solutions for economic and social challenges.

For today and the future, e.g. in climate protection, accessibility, health and care, smart technologies or air and water quality.

This makes life easier, safer and better. It strengthens the competitiveness of the Austrian and European economy.

That makes sense, that drives us.

Austrian Standards - Driven by Making Sense

We bring know-how laid down in standards from all over the world to Austria – exactly to where it is needed: to workbenches and research laboratories alike.

Austria’s enterprises succeed with international standards.

We make it possible for thousands of Austrian experts to set standards internationally based on their innovative ideas.

More than 90 percent of standards are developed at the European and international level. Austria significantly contributes to them.

Innovation is the future

The main focus of Austrian Standards is on innovation.

In recent years, Austrian Standards has increasingly focused on technical, economic and social challenges of the future: from the Internet of Things to Industry 4.0 and from blockchains to sheltered housing and smart cities. Our committees vigorously use innovative methods, such as co-creation and open innovation, to prepare standards within the framework of the existing open development process.

New topics and technologies are integrated into the development of standards as early as possible in order to improve their market prospects right from the start. In future, Austrian Standards will open up further in order to be able to offer and use all opportunities of the entire standardization ecosystem.

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