Standardization & Innovation

From ideas to products – how standards support this process!

Standards support the development of ideas into products. Austrian Standards is your competent partner in this process.

The following five videos present the fictitious story of a researcher showing how standards support her research and innovation efforts, how opportunities arise from application and how she has develops new ideas based on the elaboration of standards.

Idea and implementation – Austrian Standards as your partner

Each product starts with an idea: A researcher discovers something and has an innovative, novel and revolutionary idea. This idea is to become a product for the market, but that’s not easy: Without know-how from practice, the idea cannot be implemented easily and without problems.

The following video shows how the researcher reaches her goal and manages to bring to market her idea.

Standards save time and money

How do standards and innovation go together? Standards are structured practical know-how. With their help, the researcher saves time and money during product development since she avoids repeating mistakes already made by others before her. This raises efficiency and helps her gain market strength. Moreover, standards ensure the world-wide compatibility of her product. See more in the following video.

Applying standards

The researcher gets information on which standards she needs from Austrian Standards. Thanks to the comprehensive advice obtained, she is able to focus on the substance of her project.

As standards are always forward-looking, the researcher can already integrate new developments in her product.

Actively shaping standards

After implementing her idea, the researcher can relax or contribute to the development of news standards, e.g. on interfaces for her product. That is her opportunity to define the standards of tomorrow.

By the way, anybody can do this. The following video explains how this works.

Examples from research

The VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center based in Graz is an internationally active research institution. It develops technologies for affordable, safe and environmentally friendly road and rail vehicles. It is a good example for the role played by standards in the efficient transfer of research results and innovative ideas to practice.

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