Solutions for SME

You only need a few standards for a handful of employees? We have the right solutions for Austrian SME in specific

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) form a central part of the economy. Around 95 percent of all European companies are SMEs. In Austria, this group even accounts for 99 percent of all enterprises according to the criteria defined by the EU.

Although the relationship between SMEs and standardization sometimes seems to be ambivalent, standards are of special importance for SMEs and, moreover, SMEs play an important role in standardization.

Here you can find an overview of national project proposals, standards projects and draft standards included in the national work programme that are of relevance for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Standards provide reassurance: Those who orientate to standards and comply with standards can be sure that their products or services live up to the state of the art and, thus, are "marketable".

Standards offer reliable know-how for SMEs: Those who apply standards rely on sound and well-accepted expertise, are aware of the requirements to be met by their products and services and can prove their reliability and safety by means of standardized testing methods.

Standards facilitate market access for SMEs: They ensure fair competition through harmonized specifications — for big and small players alike.

Success with Standards

SME Report 2023

In 2023, many improvements for SMEs could be made.