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Annual Report 2022

The EU Standardization Strategy emphasizes the strategic importance of standardization for making the European internal market more resilient, greener and more digital. For all European standardization organizations, this is a mandate: to bring even more expertise to the committees, to win over more experts for developing standards and to better reach the management and decision-making levels.

Annual Report 2020

2021 was a year of change and handovers for Austrian Standards International. We developed new ways of collaborating and networking with our stakeholders, hybrid events were expanded and new platforms for exchanges were launched.

Annual Report 2020

2020 was a year like no other. Standardization quickly responded to the national and international challenges and demonstrated its responsiveness and innovativeness.

Annual Report 2019

New co-operation projects, new partners, new and successfully completed projects and numerous encounters — this is what characterized Austrian Standards and its environment in 2019.

Annual Report 2018

Since 2018, Austrian Standards has spelled out its orientation in its name: Austrian Standards International - Standardization and Innovation. A review of the projects we carried out in 2018 demonstrates that our name inspires our priorities and activities.

Annual Report 2017

Strictly digital – Austrian Standards International

For the first time, we publish our Annual Report in a digital version only and, therefore, much earlier than before. On your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can read clear and compact information about:

  • New co-operation initiatives, new partners and projects
  • Encounters that are significant for Austrian Standards and its environment in 2017
  • Interesting news about Austrian Standards International
  • Up-to-date facts and figures about stakeholders, results and trends

We hope that you will gain interesting insights from our Annual Report 2017.

Annual Report 2016

Our life changes faster and more radically than ever before. Everything becomes more complex or – depending on the perspective – "more and more complicated" and is interrelated somehow. We asked ourselves: Why don't we draw a map of complexities? The outcome is the Annual Guide 2016/2017 – an attempt at orientation that certainly is not exhaustive.

Annual Report 2015


Annual Report 2014

The power of dialogue

Annual report 2013

Standards create innovation. Innovation creates growth.

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