The certification body of Austrian Standards

New! Starting 1 April 2020, we are offering online certification services.

You do not have to postpone urgent certification or recertification any longer. Even when you work from home, you can easily get your certificate without having to leave your home.

In these challenging times we fully support you: In the field of personal certification, you can complete your audits for first-time certification and recertification online from 1 April 2020 on.

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The certification body of Austrian Standards

We offer certification services because:

  • Certification builds trust among your customers. We support you in earning this deserved trust.
  • We help you attract attention to the quality of your products.
  • Certification supports you in entering new markets.

You deliver high quality?

Our certification body offers product (ÖNORM geprüft, CE mark), personal, service and compliance certification. Enterprises which successfully complete a certification process receive a certificate and a conformity mark from Austrian Standards. You can use this mark in many ways in corporate communications and, thus, have independent proof of quality for your customers.

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What are the advantages of certification?

1. Certification builds trust

An independent body certifies that your product, service, management system or employees meet the requirements of a specific standard and that their quality is continually monitored. This builds trust among your customers and also differentiates you from your competitors. In invitations to tender, in particular, certifications are frequently listed as a requirement or they give your company an advantage.


2. Evidence of the high quality of your products/services

Certification implies high quality. When you hold a valid certificate issued by an independent body, you demonstrate the high quality of your products and services to your customers and business partners.


3. Opening up new markets

Certification can also help you access new markets, win new customers and use alternatives sales and marketing channels. By applying standards and obtaining certificates according to them, you benefit from internationally comparable benchmarks in times of globalization.

Which types of certification do we offer?

Principles and Policy on Impartiality

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Be on the safe side! We certify what the standard promises.

Peter Jonas, Director Certification

Peter Jonas

Director Certification
Eldina Hadzialic, Certification Administrator

Eldina Hadzialic

Certification Administrator
Veronika Hofer, Portfolio Manager Non-Product Certification

Veronika Hofer

Portfolio Manager Non-Product Certification
Tobias Wagner, Deputy Director Certification, Conformity Assessment Officer

Tobias Wagner

Deputy Director Certification, Conformity Assessment Officer
Gisela Krenn, Portfolio Manager Non-Product Certification

Gisela Krenn

Portfolio Manager Non-Product Certification
Eva-Maria Steininger, Portfolio Manager Non-Product Certification

Eva-Maria Steininger

Portfolio Manager Non-Product Certification
Barbara Smerhovsky-Rak, Backoffice

Barbara Smerhovsky-Rak