Product Certification

ÖNORM GEPRÜFT from Austrian Standards is a confirmation of the high quality of your products


"ÖNORM GEPRÜFT" is a certification scheme for products that has proved its worth for decades. It is based on the standards EN SO/IEC 17065 and EN ISO/IEC 17067 (Type 3 scheme).

The road to an "ÖNORM geprüft" certificate

  • Condition: A product standard (ÖNORM, EN or ISO) with requirements for the product and the test method;
  • Submission of an application for "ÖNORM GEPRÜFT" certification by the manufacturer;
  • Sampling from the current production of the manufacturer;
  • Initial testing of the product by an accredited testing body;
  • Verification of the test report and issuing of the certificate by the accredited certification body of Austrian Standards;
  • Supervision of the product: inspection of production and testing of the product at least once a year.


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