Digitization service

Digitize your factory standards for your management system

Our service for your hard-copy standards

Upon request, Austrian Standards digitizes your hard-copy standards as well as other relevant documents (e.g. internal company standards) so that you can integrate them into your digital management system if this is permitted under copyright law. 

See more in this video (German only).

How can I manage my hard-copy standards electronically?

The digitization service converts your hard-copy standards into electronic documents (PDF). Optionally, we integrate digitized standards into effects 2.0 so that you have your entire portfolio in this system. 

Your documents are digitized using optical character recognition software so that you can also search their full text.


You want to learn more about our digitization service? Just contact our Customer Service: We will be pleased to advise you in detail.

Customer Service

Tel.: +43 1 213 00-300

E-Mail: [email protected]

Benefit from Digitization service

This allows you to easily include these documents in your digital management system.

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