effects 2.0

Online management tool for your standards

Always keeps you current and your standards updated and centrally accessible

Working with the latest standards offers many advantages. Stay abreast of developments by using effects 2.0.

effects 2.0 is the online service of Austrian Standards for the management of your standards and other normative documents. This tool continuously checks whether your standards are still in effect and up to date. Moreover, effects 2.0 automates the procurement process and informs you about changes in your portfolio.

In effects 2.0, all users always have access to the current version of your documents, such as ÖNORM standards, standards issued by other standardization organizations and your own in-house standards, and at the same time you save time and money.


How does effects 2.0 support you?

  • Centralized access to standards: effects 2.0 is a platform offering online access for multiple users. Your employees can access all relevant standards everywhere and anytime.
  • Updating of standards: effects 2.0 automatically checks your standards. Whenever something changes, the tool informs you by e-mail and, upon request, also performs updates throughout your enterprise.
  • Cost-effective procurement of standards: Under effects 2.0, you get attractive ÖNORM discounts and avoid duplicate orders thanks to shared access to standards.
  • Defined procurement process: Roles that can be defined user by user bring more clarity in the procurement of new standards. Authorized users are put in charge of purchasing and make the standards needed available to other effects 2.0 users.
  • Finding your standards easily and quickly: With effects 2.0 you stay on top of things. Comprehensive search, favourite and filter functions help you find your standards in a targeted way.

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Why the professional management of standards requires a reliable tool

The accredited testing laboratory Eurofins relies on effects 2.0 for managing standards. Traceable analyses require standardized specifications and have to be reproducible. The basis for them is provided by standards. When hundreds or thousands of documents are used, it is difficult to keep track of whether standards are available in the current, effective version. With its optional add-ons, effects 2.0 manages all your standards and ensures their documented, legally compliant utilization. Learn from our satisfied customer why Austrian Standards is the ideal partner for the efficient management of standards.

Upon request, Austrian Standards can perform a validity analysis of your portfolio of standards and normative documents. You are recommended to do this when you set up your effects 2.0.

Up to 30% discount on ÖNORM standards

Details of the discounts are shown in the table below. 

effects 2.0 offers more than attractive discounts. You are also welcome to test the full range of effects 2.0 functions.

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Depending on your needs and general situation (enterprise size, number of locations, etc.), you can choose from three variants of the solution: effects 2.0 light, effects 2.0 basic or effects 2.0 premium.


Professional management of standards right from the start



You need a multi-user-solution or you have a bigger standards portfolio? If so, we recommend you to use effects 2.0 basic or effects 2.0 premium.


Our online management solution for medium-sized enterprises



If you need value-added features such as access to drafts of previously purchased standards, enhanced preview, integration of your own notes or standards, we recommend effects 2.0 premium.


More than managing standards



effects 2.0 premium includes useful value-added features:

  • Drafts of previously purchased standards included in the price
  • Enhanced preview
  • Integration of your own notes
  • Integration of your in-house standards

What the users say:

The Most important functions and their benefits

Product information and all functions at a glance: effects 2.0 fact sheet (PDF).

Alternatively, you can watch the video to see some important functions of effects 2.0.



We check whether your standards are up to date every two weeks. Withdrawn documents will be maintained in effects 2.0 – clearly highlighted and provided with the date of withdrawal in red and a hyperlink to the new document. As a result, you can easily purchase replacing documents and bring your portfolio up to date by a few clicks.

The Auto Update option is even more convenient: This feature automatically buys selected replacing documents and makes them available in effects 2.0. Your extra benefit: By activating Auto Update, you get a discount of up to 30 % on ÖNORM standards.

Included in: 


You are notified by e-mail whenever changes to the documents in your own portfolio are identified in the fortnightly update check (e.g. new issues or withdrawals).

If you want to be informed about changes to the entire portfolio (overview of all documents that are available in electronic form and can be automatically managed in effects 2.0) you can also use the My Info Groups function: This feature delivers information on all newly published and withdrawn standards in userselected subject fields.

Included in: 


In user management, you can define and manage user-specific permissions for your enterprise. Authorized users are put in charge of procurement and make the standards needed available to other effects 2.0 users.

Included in: 


By means of the docs plus functions you can provide centralized access to enterprise-specific documents (e.g. in-house standards) for your employees. To ensure that your “own standards” can be easily found you can add metadata to them or place them in a favourite folder.

Included in: 


Add searchable notes to your documents and define your own note fields (e.g. date of revision, order information, allocation to corporate divisions, etc.). The administrator specifies the fields which can be completed by the users.

Included in: 


Make it easier for you to find the document you need. As an “effects 2.0 premium” customer, you benefit from an enhanced preview and can display any ÖNORM, ÖVE/ÖNORM and ONR standard in reading view for 30 seconds per page.

Included in: 


Activate the Auto Update service for a document and get the draft long before the standard is published – thus you can prepare for new developments in good time.

Included in: 


Upon request, Austrian Standards offers you effects 2.0 with an easyUserAdmin interface that allows you to control your users‘ access to effects 2.0 securely and easily via your own internal IT infrastructure (Active Directory).

Included in: 


Upon request, Austrian Standards digitizes your hard-copy standards as well as other relevant documents (e.g. internal company standards). Find out more about our digitization service here.

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