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Standards are living things. Recognize changes early and minimize risks.

Monitor the development of standards in real time

meinNormenRadar is your innovative online solution if you want to know what is going on in the development of standards that are relevant for you. Thanks to a clear colour code system you can immediately see how a standard developed in the past or whether changes are planned – and where you should actively contribute to shaping standards.

As a result, you gain a decisive information advantage and can take the right steps for your company and your production early on.

mein NormenRadar optimally helps you:

  • When standards relevant for you are revised

    You know when and which changes are going to be implemented. Thus, you can adjust your products and services to changed market conditions in due time.

  • When Austrian laws make reference to standards that are relevant for you

    meinNormenRadar draws your attention to laws referring to your standards and allows you to directly access these legal texts.

  • When you need to know which standard was in effect on a specific date

    In case of claims for damages it is particularly important to check quickly the standard that was valid at the time in question.

Profit from your information advantage by quickly and efficiently adjusting your business strategy and take the right steps for future success.


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Do not leave anything to chance in business

Use meinNormenRadar, the ideal research and monitoring tool with integrated news service and the perfect complement to your existing standards management system.

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Now, in the past and into the future – this is how mein NormenRadar works

meinNormenRadar presents the complete life cycle of a standard in a timeline:

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