Start-up Package

Take your innovative business idea to the next level!


You have good ideas and want to bring them to market quickly, and you have already started up your company.

We help you conquer the market faster. How is that possible? Most start-ups are unfamiliar with standards: They contain the in-depth knowledge of leading experts. They exist in all fields and we provide fast and easy access to this knowledge for you. Thereby we help you take your innovative business idea to the next level and reduce time-to-market for your products and services.

This video explains why standards are important for start-ups.


Success story: Easelink GmbH

Easelink, a company based in Graz, developed Matrix Charging®, an innovative charging station for electric cars. The safety standard ISO 26262 formed the basis of the development process.

Learn how our start-up package and standards facilitated the development of this interface technology in the following video (German only).

Success Story: Bitmovin GmbH

Bitmovin provides online solutions for re-coding digital video and audio files into streaming formats based on cloud computing and streaming media players. The start-up registers increasing revenues and attracts major investors.

Watch this video to learn how the founder of Bitmovin GmbH helped develop the international standard ISO/IEC 23009 (German only). At the 73rd Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards, this so-called MPEG-DASH standard was among the winners.

Our offer for you

We have put together a special start-up package to meet your requirements. It includes:



We talk with you to find out which existing standards can help your start-up and which new standards may make sense for your market.


Numerous discounts

You get a starter set of up to 10 freely selected ÖNORM or ISO standards at an exclusive fixed price of only 300 euro: they are integrated for free into our professional online solution effects 2.0 light (you can use it for free in the first year).

Get concise insights into the world of standards development. Get first-hand information on how you can establish important contacts at the international and national level.

At around 200 events each year – courses and seminars – experts present state-of-the-art knowledge from diverse fields.

The Austrian Standards Meeting Center offers you state-of-the-art rooms for workshops, meetings or important customer appointments. 11 multifunctional halls in all sizes are waiting for you!

Companies thrive on their employees: personal certifications are a visible investment in your staff and show customers that you attach great importance to further education and competence.

Your benefits

  • Use existing standards and build on best-practice solutions. Avoid mistakes made by others before you – this saves development time and, as a result, costs.
  • Actively take part in setting standards: As a first mover, you shape the requirements of your market right from the start.

  • Profit from our national and international network. We put you in contact with the relevant players.

To benefit from the start-up package, you must first register with us. Please note that the duration of the discounts is limited to a maximum of 5 years after registration. 

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