Austrian Standards Annual Report 2021

When different perspectives result in common solutions


2021 was a year of change and handovers for Austrian Standards International.

We developed new ways of collaborating and networking with our stakeholders, hybrid events were expanded and new platforms for exchanges were launched.

Standardization builds on different perspectives to create common solutions. In 2021, around 4,500 Austrian experts from more than 2,200 organizations actively developed standards. They supported their own competitiveness and gave Austria an important voice in shaping important issues of the future.

Internationalization raises the strategic value of standards. Read our Annual Report 2021 to learn more about the expertise available in our network made up of partner organizations in more than 160 countries.

Dr. Valerie Höllinger, CEO of Austrian Standards

KommR DDr. Anton Ofner, President of Austrian Standards International

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Standardization is a vibrant ecosystem


…made up of business, research, innovation, interest groups, administration and NGOs.

Standards build a bridge to the market for

Research results


New technologies

Standards achieve more

…innovative business performance. In Austria that's around EUR 2.5 billion per year.

Standards are solutions and are developed by experts from different organizations, disciplines and industries.

In 2021, there were 4,454 Austrian experts active in standardization through Austrian Standards.They were nominated by 2,260 organizations.

Austria leads the way

Austrian Standards ensures that Austria can have a strong presence in international standardization and is actively involved in shaping themes relevant for the future.

In 2021, there were 22,552 national, European and international standards in the Austrian Standards portfolio.

Austrian participation at international level - i.e. on ISO committees - increased by 4 percentage points to 88%.

At the European level - i.e. on CEN committees - Austrian involvement already stood at 100%.

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One standard, one test – accepted everywhere

We all benefit from this – in everyday life and in business.

In 2021, the Vienna Agreement celebrated its 30th anniversary. It laid the foundation for the harmonization of European and international standards.

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Quantum technology               

Robotics in the  operating theatre   

3D simulations in neurosurgery      

Analytical methods for  microplastics

Ethernet technology            

The fight against cybercrime                                                                                                 

Reliability of multimodal transport                                                                                                    

Development of an open source digital twin platform for the construction industry

Standards set Impulses

In 2021, the five Living Standards Award winners showed how standards can provide important impetus for succeeding in business, driving innovation and making ideas export-ready.

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Standards point the way

…to what will be needed tomorrow. They ensure that research results are ready for the market.

In 2021, Austrian Standards was part of 13 European research and innovation projects.

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Standards are a key element

…of a resilient, green and digital economic area.

The EU standardization strategy underlines the importance of standards for competing internationally and addressing societal challenges and the climate crisis.

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Standardization topics are diverse

In 2021, the following new committees were set up at the Austrian, European and international level:

Sustainability of construction works

Animal health                                                         

Artificial intelligence                                 

Consumer understanding of online terms and conditions

Laboratory design                                                                       

Gender equality                                                                         

About Austrian Standards

Our core services

  • Promoting dialogue between stakeholders
  • Opening up access to a worldwide network
  • Bringing know-how from all over the world to Austria
  • Presenting specialist knowledge
  • Encouraging vocational training
  • Developing certification models

Diversity is part of Austrian Standards

Employees at Austrian Standards (total) as of 31 December 2021:

  • 134 employees
  • 12 nations
  • 20 languages
  • Gender balance
  • Different qualifications and degrees from universities of applied sciences and universities

We are part of an international network

…with partner organizations from 167 countries.

Austrian Standards is a member of:

WE offer

…a wide range of services. These activities finance up to 92% of the standardization system. Around 8% comes from fixed funding contributions (federal government, provinces, WKO).


A comparison of the years 2017 to 2021 shows a relatively balanced and stable result over the years.
The annual deficit can be covered by reserves.
(amounts in EUR 1,000)

revenues and expenditure of Austrian Standards International in 2021

Revenues of 2021 are made up of net income (approx. € 7.7 million), grants (approx. € 1.7 million) and financial income (approx. € 0.5 million). Expenses for 2021 consist of personnel costs (approx. € 4.2 million), other operating costs (approx. € 5.0 million), depreciation (approx. € 0.5 million) and variable expenses (around € 0.1 million).
(amounts in EUR 1,000)