Participate in COmmittees

The experts participating in committees represent the parties interested in a specific topic of standardisation. They decide whether something gets standardised and define the material contents of the standard – both, during the development of national standards (ÖNORM) as well as while participating in European and international standards-projects.


Responsibilities & Requirements

An expert ...

  • ... is interested in the topic
  • ... is competent, e.g. through relevant education or practical experience
  • ... observes technical developments on a regular basis
  • ... has foreign language competence (particularly in English for European and international standardisation)
  • ... requires personnel, time and financial resources.


At the committee...

  • ... the experts prepare themselves on every point of the conference's agenda
  • ... they participate in the development of CEN and ISO documents as well as in national standards suggestions
  • ... they attend meetings regularly or participate by correspondence
  • ... they make use of the right to make proposals and the right to vote
  • ... and show willingness to consent