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This European Standard specifies a test procedure to permit classification of the explosion resistance of windows, doors and shutters together with their infills. This European Standard concerns a test method against blast waves in open air resulting from high explosives that can be carried by hand and placed a few metres from a target. At such close distances blast values vary across an attack face. Controlled measurement of the actual blast on the face of the test specimen being difficult, costly and subject to inaccuracy, consistency of the blast forces is therefore controlled in this European Standard by the characteristics of the explosive charge and its location (see annex A and annex B). This European Standard covers only the behaviour of the complete unit including infill, frame and fixings as tested. It gives no information on the ability of the surrounding wall or building structure to resist the direct or transmitted forces. If the windows, doors and shutters are intended for specific conditions of climate, specific test conditions can be required. This European Standard gives no information on the behaviour of the units subjected to other types of loading.
ÖNORM EN 13124-2
2004 05 01
Windows, doors and shutters - Explosion resistance - Test method - Part 2: Range test
ÖNORM EN 13123-2
Issue date : 2004 05 01
Windows, doors, and shutters - Explosion resistance - Requirements and classification - Part 2: Range test