Risk manager

A qualified risk manager is able to introduce, operate, maintain and continuously improve risk management in organizations. The training of qualified risk managers is based on ONR 49003 "Risk management for organizations and systems".

Who can obtain a certificate?

Natural persons who completed training to become risk managers to the extent of at least 40 hours based on the contents of ONR 49003.

How to get a certificate

Application using the form "Risikomanager gemäß ONR 49003" (in German only).

Transmission of evidence on training for risk managers according to ONR 49003.

Submission of the written documentation of a risk assessment performed autonomously for an organization or system.

Written exam on the knowledge required.

After the positive evaluation of the applicant, the certificate "ON Certified Person" is issued.


Here you can find all the information on the certification scheme (in German only).


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