Expert in barrier-free building

Demonstrate your competence in the construction, modification, furnishing and equipment of barrier-free buildings and premises.

Provide evidence on your consulting activities on requirements of building for accessibility based on the standard series ÖNORM B 1600 with regard to planning, assessment and supervision of project implementation.

Persons who hold a certificate in line with the certification scheme "Expert in barrier-free building" demonstrate their competence in the following fields:

  • Understanding of disabilities
  • Legislation and standardization in general
  • Standards series ÖNORM B 1600 ff
  • Modification / renovation / adaptation
  • User convenience and technologies
  • Specific fields of use
  • Financing and evaluation

Who can obtain a certificate?

Natural persons who completed training to become "experts in barrier-free building" to the extent of at least 56 hours based on the contents of the certification scheme or evidence of equivalent training and appropriate practical experience.


How to get a certificate

  • Application for certification using the application form (in German only).
  • Submission of basic documentation on the qualifications to be certified and evidence on training on "barrier-free building"
  • Project report and oral exam on the skills required according to the certification scheme
  • After the positive evaluation of the project report and the oral exam, the certificate "Expert in barrier-free building" is issued and you may use the conformity mark "Certified by Austrian Standards".
  • To extend the validity of the certificate, evidence on completed education and training has to be submitted and an oral re-certification interview has to be performed with a member of the examination board.

All the information is also provided in the certification scheme (in German only).


Im Zusammenhang zur facheinschlägigen Ausbildung gem. Zertifizierungsschema empfiehlt die Zertifizierungsstelle von Austrian Standards folgende Veranstaltung:

First certification


* The fee covers the exam and an electronic certificate (PDF). You can order a printed certificate (English or German) for EUR 49,- (tax excl.).

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