MEIN ABO subscription

Convenient online access to all ÖNORM standards – at a fixed price

Subscribing to ÖNORM standards instead of buying them

Soon you can get convenient online access to all ÖNORM standards from Austrian Standards. meinAbo is a digital subscription for enterprises regularly applying ÖNORMs. Under this service, you do not buy that become outdated someday, but you can access all up-to-date ÖNORM standards anywhere and anytime.

Register now and, in advance, try this brand new tool — with all the functionalities currently available — free of charge to get access to all ÖNORM standards.

OUR Tool

As a meinAbo subscriber, you get a browser-based application that allows you to read and use standards. The application is optimized for all screen sizes and hence can be used on any internet-ready device without any problems. Click here to get to the demo version (currently only in German).

It is a smart application. Depending on the subscription type, it includes functionalities making it easier for you to work with standards. It facilitates your work through relevant cross-references to other standards or legislative texts, through personal comments or comparisons of different editions.

If you register today, you will be one of the first testers who can use meinAbo — that still is in the final development stage at present.

Advantages of mein Abo

The subscription gives you digital access to the entire ÖNORM portfolio.

  • Calculable costs: You always pay the same low price regardless of the number of ÖNORM standards you access.
  • Convenient access to standards: No matter whether you are at your office or visit your customer, you can always access the ÖNORM standard you need on your device.
  • Always up to date: You do not need to bother about purchasing updated editions of your ÖNORM standards. Under your subscription, you automatically access current version at all times.

meinAbo is a user-based subscription service that is just being introduced. The applicable price depends on the size of your company and on the agreed number of users. Contact us to inquire about it without any commitment by you.

Find your suitable subscription option

From 85 Euro a month* – pER User

✓ Access to around 20,000 current ÖNORM standards          ✓ Digital access via a smart application          ✓ Standards are always up to date

For beginners



  •   Read access

  •   Current ÖNORM standards

  •   German versions

  • X  Historical ÖNORM standards

  • X  "Referenced in legislation" information

  • X  Normative references

  • X  Subject field filter

  • X  ÖNORM drafts 

  • X  Comparison service 

  • X  Comment function



For advanced users



  •   Read access

  •   Current ÖNORM standards

  •   Selected language version

  •   Historical ÖNORM standards

  •   "Referenced in legislation" information 

  •   Normative references

  •   Subject field filter

  • X  ÖNORM drafts

  • X  Comparison service 

  • X  Comment function 



For experts



  •   Read access

  •   Current ÖNORM standards

  •   All language versions

  •   Historical ÖNORM standards

  •   "Referenced in legislation" information 

  •   Normative references

  •   Subject field filter

  •   ÖNORM drafts** 

  •   Comparison service** 

  •   Comment function** 


* Price indicated net of VAT

** These functions will only become available at a later date.

Frequently asked questions

On the product in general

meinAbo from Austrian Standards is a digital subscription service that allows you to use the content included in the package selected during the term of the subscription.

ÖNORM standards. These are: ÖNORM, ÖNORM EN, ÖNORM EN ISO, ÖNORM ISO/IEC, ONR, ONR ISO and the related prestandards, addendums and supplementary products. ÖNORM drafts are only included in the Professional package.

No. The meinAbo service currently only covers digital utilization in our application.

The tool is a browser-based application that allows you to read and use standards on any internet-ready device.

In this exceptional case, documents are displayed in the pdf.js format.

No. There are no credits for standards that you previously bought. If you use the online management tool effects 2.0, you can benefit from the benefits resulting from purchases and from subscription for those standards.

The cost of the Basic version starts at € 85 net per user and month.

On the content of the packages

Current ÖNORM standards are effective ÖNORM standards, i.e. ÖNORM standards that have not been withdrawn.

Historical ÖNORM standards are ÖNORM standards that have been withdrawn.

Basic provides access to German documents, Advanced to German or English documents and all language versions available (German, English and, in some cases French) are accessible in Professional.

Some legislative texts make reference to standards. These standards are highlighted specifically and provided with a hyperlink to the relevant text.

Many standards are mutually interdependent and make reference to each other. These are links to further standards that contribute to the correct application of the standard.

This service facilitates the comparison of two documents. It is often called "redlining" and highlights changes in comparison to the previous version of a document. This allows you to respond faster and more efficiently in adapting your own products or services.

On the trial account

Everybody who registers in advance, can enjoy a free trial account upon the launch of the product – with all the functionalities currently available for all ÖNORM standards. The demo version can be used once for 24 hours by one user account per organization.

No, you only ensure that you get a free trial account.

After registering for the trial account for meinAbo, you can decide not to use the service without having to give any reasons. This does not have any consequences for you — in particular, you do not have to pay any fee.

On the utilization agreement

You may access, read and use the contents. Moreover, you can (depending on the package selected) add your own comments, track changes and follow legal and normative references.

You must not save, print and pass on the contents neither in full nor in part. Likewise, you are not allowed to edit them as defined in copyright law. This means, in particular, that you must not translate or integrate them in full or in part into other works, including internal working documents.

No, this is not permitted. The user accounts are set up for one specific person and may only be used by the account holder.

The specific price per user and month depends on the size of your company, the related minimum number of users or the actual number of users as well as the package volume. Our Sales Team will be pleased to advise you!

If your company's size changes, please contact our Support Team in order to update the utilization agreement.

The minimum number of users depends on the size of your company.

No. If you choose the Advanced package for your company, all users will enjoy the benefits of this package.

To determine the size of your company for this service, we use the average total number of employees during the business year (the average number of employees, for short). This average number of employees includes full-time equvalent employees (part-time employees are considered in line with their working hours) and apprentices, but does not take account of temporary workers.

To access the contents (as well as your existing comments) you need an ongoing, effective utilization agreement (subscription). The right to use them ends when the utilization agreement is terminated.

Your personal data are stored in line with all legally required measures in compliance with the GDPR. For further information, please read our Privacy Policy.

LET us advise you!

You want to learn more about meinAbo? Please contact our Customer Service Team: We will be pleased to advise you in detail.

Customer Service

Tel.: +43 1 213 00-300

E-mail: [email protected]