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Your online library for standards

The Lesesaal (Reading Room) of Austrian Standards is an online solution that allows educational institutions to search for and read standards. As a result, your students as well as teachers have easy access to the standards of individually selected subject fields.

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Benefit from:

  • fast access to current and historical standards
  • a standards portfolio tailored to your study programme or curriculum
  • continuous and fully automated updating ensuring that you always have access to the latest knowledge
  • cost savings owing to read-only access
  • cost efficiency thanks to the external administration and archiving of documents
  • access to German and English documents (national documents are not made available in English)

Your customized standards portfolio

You, i.e. the educational institution, decide on the fields of standardization that are relevant for your students. The subject fields that you select – covering all the current standards and drafts as well as all the historical documents - are simply activated so that you have access to them in your Lesesaal.

Access is provided via the server of your educational institution.

Your Lesesaal features:

  • Easy on-screen reading of documents
  • Search function
  • Real full-text search within your standards portfolio
  • Search based on navigators (subject field and date)
  • Automated updating of your documents every two weeks
  • Simple expansion of access to more documents by booking further subject fields

Have a look at a screenshot of the user interface (click to enlarge):

Extension for teachers

Our previous experience showed us that teachers frequently have different information needs than students. Therefore, we offer teachers working in educational institutions the option of combining the Lesesaal with effects 2.0, our solution for online standards management.

This extension provides you with automated updates, allows you to personalize your user interface and make available most of the documents in the Lesesaal. In addition, effects 2.0 allows you to get access to an extension providing access to documents issued by other standards developers. When you hold the appropriate authorization and user agreement, you can directly order new documents. In the Lesesaal, your students also have read-only access to the documents made available to the teachers.


The price of the Lesesaal's online library is calculated in line with your requirements on a case-by-case basis.. Do you wish to get an offer specifically tailored to your educational institution? Just contact our Customer Service – we will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information.

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