meinNormenRadar - monitoring the development of standards

Recognizing trends early, adjusting plans and minimizing risks

meinNormenRadar is your innovative online solution if you want to know what is going on in the development of a standard that is relevant for you. A clear colour coding system directly shows you how a standard developed in the past and which changes are planned for the future – and where you should actively take part in developing standards.

As a result, you gain a decisive information advantage and can take the right steps for your company and your production early on.

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Specific use cases in which meinNormenRadar helps you:

  • Which standard will be revised in future and at what time?
    Based on your personal configuration, you are proactively informed on how standards that are relevant for you develop so that you are able to adjust your products and services early on.
  • Which Austrian laws make reference to standards that are relevant for me?
    In meinNormenRadar you can see at a glance which laws refer to the standards that are relevant for you and allows you to directly access these legal texts.
  • Which standard was in effect on a specific date?
    To clear up potential claims, for example, you can specifically search for standards that were valid at the time in question.

Do not leave anything to chance – use the ideal monitoring and research solution with an automated information service also as a complement to your existing standards management system. Click on the images to enlarge the screenshots:

The user interface of meinNormenRadar mit timeline Example of the regularly updated info service

What the users say:

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