IBIS - our update service for export standards

Keeping non-automatable international standards up to date, too

The fact that not all standards are available in electronic formats worldwide makes it more difficult to keep your standards up to date. This is particularly true for international standards. Through the IBIS update service, Austrian Standards takes care of monitoring such standards and, upon request, procures the documents in question so that this part of your portfolio is up to date, too.

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Specific use cases in which IBIS helps you:

  • How can I know whether the export standards included in my portfolio are up to date without constantly performing time-consuming searches?
    IBIS checks whether your "exotic" standards and normative documents so that you do not have to research yourself.
  • How can I buy "exotic" standards without great efforts?
    If you do not want to take care of it yourself, Austrian Standards will search and procure these standards for you upon your request.
  • How do I integrate my export standards into my digital management system
    Using the docs plus function of effects 2.0, you can also upload standards updated via IBIS to effects 2.0. Optionally, we can make these documents avialable for you in effects 2.0.

Examples of non-automatable standards:

– BS (GB)– VDMA (DE)
– NF (FR)– VG (DE)
– UNI (IT)– MIL (US)

Step by step: Keeping your export standards up to date

  1. Contact our Customer Service and specify your requirements.
  2. We check your request for feasibility and prepare an offer for you.
  3. You send us your list of standards that we check for up-to-dateness.
  4. At regular intervals, you receive an overview of the status of your export standards and, if appropriate, you can order current documents.
  5. Any new documents will be added to the overview in future.
  6. Upon requests, these standards are also integrated into effects 2.0.

What the users say:

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