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More than 10,000 companies already trust in the solutions provided by Austrian Standards

Numerous small and big companies use solutions provided by Austrian standards to make working with standards easier. With the help of the experienes they make in practice, we continuously improve our online solutions and services:

Kapsch TrafficCom AG, Vienna

Kapsch"The online solution effects 2.0 is the key management system for around 3,500 standards we use. With the complementary IBIS service, we can also check easily whether local standards from our export destinations are still up to date. This ensures that we apply the relevant standards in international projects. Different departments, such as Product Management, Solution Management and Product Development, access this centralized online platform.

Standards are protected by copyright. Therefore they cannot just be downloaded, copied or distributed. The agreement of copyrighte licenses makes our standards accessible to the entire company.”

Woschitz Group, Vienna

Woschitz Group"We use standards every day, and we have several sites. Therefore it is absolutely important for us to ensure fast access to our standards everywhere."

"The tool 'effects 2.0' is a very good solution for perfectly managing our big portfolio of standards. Getting regular alerts on updated standards was an important factor in our decision for the system offered by Austrian Standards."

Teufelberger Service GmbH, Wels

Teufelberger"effects 2.0 keeps us up to date by automatically delivering information on new or withdrawn standards and normative documents. We mainly use this solution in the fields of research & development, product management, sales and quality management - not only for searching and buying documents, but also for applying standards."

"What I like very much about the system is that its use is easy and intuitive so that my colleagues can get started quickly. Internal workflows are supported optimally: The Notes function allows us to allocate documents to individual business segments right away. Another invaluable feature is the flexible and application-oriented integration of our own documents into effects 2.0“

Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei Ges.m.b.H., Liezen

MFL"We use effects 2.0 basic in combination with the IBIS update service. We also get hard copies of standards that are not available in an electronic format. As a result, we can easily keep all our standards up to date. effects 2.0 can be used anywhere and allows us to purchase new documents quickly."

"In the past, we were not always able to ensure that the most recent version of a standard was applied. This improved very much thanks to the clear and user-friendly online management solution. It is easy to use so that you can work very well with it after brief explanations.“

Samsung SDI Battery Systems GmbH, Premstätten

Samsung SDI Battery Systems GmbH“Thanks to the digitization of our standards, we can access the documents we need faster – also because there is a central filing system. Hence, we do not need to search in paper-based archives. Moreover, we integrated the standards that we have as hard copies into our overall digital portfolio using the effects 2.0 function of docs plus. As a result, we have ensured access by just a few clicks to all our documents held centrally.”

Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt (AUVA), Vienna

AUVA"Which standards are being revised, which standards are in the draft stage, what is the status of specific work items? In our work as a European safety testing body, we use the tool meinNormenRadar to answer those questions. Thanks to the clear structure and the search and filter functions of this tool, we always have a good overview and have access to up-to-date information. I am very happy about its user friendliness and also about the search functionalities. After all, in my function as the chair of technical committees, I often also have to research subjects in which I am not directly involved. I would definitely get meinNormenRadar again.“

City Administration of Steyr

City Administration of Steyr"effects 2.0 is much more practical than the previous CD subscription: clearer, better search functions and everything is automated. This makes my work much easier and more efficient - I am delighted with this innovation.“

"Excellent search tools and good innovations - it is easy to find out which standard applied in a specific field in 1995. The favourite lists are a wonderful tool for projects. And it is very convenient to be able to access one's standards on the internet anytime and anywhere.“

The success story of OÖ. Gesundheits- und Spitals-AG

GespagTen locations, 9,300 employees and a standards manager who, in addition to his "normal" tasks in the organization, invests five to seven hours of his time per month: The OÖ. Gesundheits- und Spitals-AG (gespag, for short) always keeps abreast of the latest developments in standardization with just a few mouse clicks by means of the "effects 2.0" services of Austrian Standards plus. The biggest hospital organization of Upper Austria (eight general and two specialized hospitals) wanted to centralize the management of its entire portfolio of around 2,500 standards and to receive automatically information on new, revised or amended standard documents. This wish was easy to fulfil. "effects 2.0" gathers the ten hospital under one virtual roof. Multiple purchases and outdated documents belong to the past.

Read the entire success story here.

Rauchfangkehrer Christian Habacht, Vienna

Wiener Rauchfangkehrer“Based on the utilization of meinNormenPaket, the quality of my company’s work has improved. I mainly use meinNormenPaket as a reference tool at my office. Thus, I have the current version of the standards needed at hand without any cumbersome searches. What I like best about online access is that I can learn more through the expert knowledge laid down in standards. I immediately get the right information. Key aspects are reliable updates and the clear overview offered. What is convenient is that I can print out a standard when I need it for my work at a customer’s.”

Dipl.-Päd. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) August Taibinger, Ingenieurbüro TAITEC, Semriach

Ingenieurbüro TAITEC “I have used meinNormenPaket for a few years now – practically anywhere, at the customers’ and at the office. As I am a chartered engineering consultant, access to standards is of great significance for me. Another particularly important aspect is that my services are always in line with the state of the art based on the automated updating of standards. In comparison with the purchase of individual standards, meinNormenPaket is an extremely cost-efficient solution for my company!“

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