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More than managing standards

effects 2.0 premium - the ideal version for:

  • Enterprises where several employees work with and manage standards and normative documents
  • Enterprises and groups with more than one location and decentralized document utilization
  • Enterprises with a big portfolio of documents
  • Enterprises with a portfolio of documents issued by different publishers (ÖNORM, DIN, ISO, etc.)
  • Enterprises that depend on a constantly up-to-date standards portfolio and have to evidence this for compliance and/or certification reasons
  • Enterprises aiming at setting up a centralized document management system (for standards, technical specifications, customer documents, etc.)

Upon request we offer effects 2.0 premium with an easyUserAdmin interface so that you can control your employees' access to effects 2.0 via your internal IT infrastructure in a secure and easy way.

Functionalities and features

Tablet with functions of effects 2.0 premium

Automated updates of your standards portfolio

Every two weeks and in line with the publication dates of new standards, we automatically check whether your documents are still up to date. Withdrawn documents will be maintained in effects 2.0 premium - clearly highlighted and provided with the date of withdrawal in red and a hyperlink to the new document. You can conveniently purchase replacement documents with a click and, thus, keep your standards portfolio up to date.

Update information service

When the bi-weekly update check identifies new documents available for or added (automatically purchased) to your personal portfolio, you will be informed by e-mail.

Search functionality

  • Real full-text search based on state-of-the-art technology
  • Sorting the search results by relevance, publication date or document number

The filter functions and favourite lists allow you to refine searches and make it significantly easier for you to work with standards.

  • Filter by subject field
  • Filter by ICS field
  • Filter by issue date
  • Filter by validity
  • Filter by publisher

Moreover, you can:

  • save queries executed
  • use bookmarks to save individual documents from the hit list to remember them for ordering later on - users who are not entitled to place orders forward their bookmarks as an "order request" to an appropriately authorized user

My InfoGroups

User-definable notification on available updates for the subject fields of your choice.

Purchase of basic packages and individual documents

You can expand the portfolio of your effects 2.0 premium during operations anytime. You have two options:

Purchase of individual documents:   

  • You can add new full-text documents to your effects 2.0 premium.
  • Orders can be placed directly in effects 2.0 premium or in the Webshop.
  • The main user or appropriately authorized sub-users can place orders.

Purchase of basic packages

  • You can add packages of full-text ÖNORM documents to your effects 2.0 premium in line with the subject field list (e.g. all ÖNORM standards belonging to the construction field).

Warning in case of double orders

When you order a document already bought, you receive an automatic warning before you complete the purchase. This prevents double orders.


Integrated value-added functions

  • docs plus 
    Keep your company's documents up-to-date in a secure place and make the most recent version accessible to selected employees.   
  • Notes   
    Provide standards and your own documents with helpful notes. Share information with all users in a targeted way.  
  • Co-branding  
    Give your employees a familiar environment for working with documents.
  • Advanced preview
    This function allow you to read the entire document for a limited time (max. 30 seconds per page) in the reading view. This gives you the opportunity to assess in advance whether a document is relevant for you so that you avoid mispurchases and can selectively acquire individual documents.
  • Free access to drafts included
    Through the auto-update service you already receive drafts long before ÖNORM standards are published – thus you can prepare for new developments in due time.

Training for effects 2.0 premium

Face-to-face training covers all users and is structured in three modules:   

  • Basic training for all users  
  • Advanced training for users uploading corporate documents (uploaders)
  • Advanced training for the administrator(s)

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