effects 2.0 - our online management system for your standards

Keeping you standards always up to date and accessible online

effects 2.0 by Austrian Standards allows you to conveniently manage the standards and normative documents you apply online. Thus, you can always keep your documents up to date. In effects 2.0 you can quickly access your documents and stay informed of the state of the art through automatic updates.

Specific use cases in which effects 2.0 supports you

  • How do I keep my standards up to date at several company sites? effects 2.0 automatically checks your standards, informs you by e-mail and, upon request, performs company-wide updates.
  • How can all the employees access standards centrally? effects 2.0 is a multi-user platform offering centralized online access to your standards – anywhere and anytime.
  • How can I speed up searches for standards and avoid that several copies of one standard are bought? effects 2.0's comprehensive search and filter functions and its bookmark feature help you find standards in a cost-efficient way and provides a standardized purchasing process that automates ordering.
  • How can I buy standards at lower costs? With effects 2.0, you get attractive discounts on documents.

The right solution for you

Three versions are available to you - in line with the size of your company and your requirements. You will find the solution that is ideal for you here:

SME owner

effects 2.0 light

Professional standards management right from the start.

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Several persons with laptop

effects 2.0 basic

Our standards management solution for medium-sized companies.

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2 persons with laptop

effects 2.0 premium

More than managing standards.

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