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Copyright licences - our service for the legally compliant use of standards by multiple users

Is your company on the safe side?

Standards and normative documents are protected by copyright. By buying a standard you acquire the right to use it for a single user, but multiple use requires appropriate copyright licences.

How to provide access to your standards within your company

Austrian Standards supports you so that you can reproduce your standards internally and provide access to them in-house in a legally compliant way. Please note that the setup of an online management solution does not include multi-user licences for your standards.

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Specific use cases in which copyright licences help you:

  • How can I reproduce my standards and make them available internally in a legally compliant way?
    If you need multi-user licences, you can arrange them with us.
  • How do I comply with legal requirements in case of different framework conditions for each publisher?
    We arrange licences for several publishers via Austrian Standards.
  • How do I avoid unnecessary multiple purchases of standards for different locations of our company?
    Copyright licences ensure the legally compliant utilization of standards at all the locations of your company.

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