Assistant to real estate agents

The certificate "Assistant to real estate agents according to ONR 43001-1" evidences the qualifications of assistants to real estate agents.

Who can obtain a certificate?

Natural persons who completed training to become assistants to real estate agents to the extent of at least 60 hours based on the contents of ONR 43001-1.

How to get a certificate

  • Application using the application form (in German only).
  • Submission of basic documentation on the qualifications to be certified and evidence on training to become an assistant to real estate agents.
  • Written exam on the skills required according to ONR 43001-1.
  • After the positive evaluation of the applicant, the certificate "ON Certified Person" is issued.
  • To maintain the certificate, certificate holders have to evidence 16 hours of further training in the field of specialized knolwedge according to ONR 43001-1 or ONR 43001-2 every two years.
  • To extend the validity of the certificate, evidence on completed education and training has to be submitted and an oral re-certification interview has to be performed with a member of the examination board.

Here you can find all the information on the certification scheme (in German only).

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