Living Standards Award 2020

Living Standards Award 2020

You could submit your proposal until 30 September 2019. A high-calibre expert jury whose members come from Austria and abroad will review the projects submitted. After the jury's decision, the Award winners will officially receive the Award during the New Year's reception of Austrian Standards on 23 January 2020.

The Living Standards Award 2020 shines the spotlight on national and international hidden champions for the sixth time.

You were able to submit proposals for the following categories

Standards are solutions for current social and economic challenges.
Based on standards or the development of standards, have you

  • developed products and/or services making life easier for your customers?
  • improved the quality of your products and/or services or implemented important interfaces?
  • made production or work processes safer and/or test or measurement methods more efficient?

Standards support access to new international markets.
Based on standards or the development of standards, have you

  • successfully rolled out your products and/or services in a new market?
  • ensured compatibility in international markets?
  • improved co-operation with international suppliers on site?

Standards are drivers of innovation and a bridge to the market, e.g. in the field of energy, healthcare, mobility and the environment.
Based on standards or the development of standards, have you

  • successfully brought to market innovative products and/or services?
  • reduced development times and/or implemented research results faster?
  • improved research and/or innovation processes?

GS1 Austria and IEEE are partners

The Living Standards Award 2020 will also be presented specifically for the application or development of GS1 or IEEE standards.

GS1 Austria logo

GS1 standards make supply chains faster, more secure and more efficient.
Based on GS1 standards and/or the development of GS1 standards, have you:

  • simplified your business processes and thereby saved time and money?
  • improved communication with your partners by means of electronic data interchange and reduced mistakes?
  • rased the safety of your products for the benefit of consumers or patients?

About GS1 Austria

GS1 Austria makes available a globally unique identification system for locations, articles, shipping units, etc. The focus of GS1 standards is on consumer goods (e.g. barcodes), but nowadays they also cover many other sectors, such as healthcare.

Application of an IEEE standard that demonstrates the qualities below:

  • Does it advance technology for the benefit of humanity, and how?
  • Does it advance technical interoperability, and how?
  • Does it demonstrate thought-leadership in its particular technology category, and by what means?

About IEEE

IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Through publications, conferences and technical standards, IEEE has become a trusted voice in many fields, from aviation systems and telecommunications to biomedicine and consumer electronics.

Top-class jury and great visibility of the Living Standards Award winners

A jury made up of domestic and international experts reviews the proposals submitted. The Award will be presented to the winners at the New Year's reception of Austrian Standards on 23 January 2020.


Community of excellence – click here to learn more about previous winners of the Award

Community of Excellence

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