Standards support start-ups right from the start

Austrian Standards actively supports the innovative start-up community with its start-up package and three start-up network partners

Vienna (AS prm, 13.09.2017)

The start-up package of Austrian Standards is customized to the needs and requirements of the innovative start-up community. It allows young entrepreneurs to draw on existing standards and best-practice solutions already in the set-up phase.

Being part of European and international standardization networks (CEN, ISO) Austrian Standards puts start-ups in contact with the relevant players at the European and global level.

Open innovation and co-creation with three new start-up network partners

Austrian Standards now also closely co-operates with three leading start-up networks in Austria: weXelerate, AustrianStartups and Start-up Live. Building on the core component ­– the customized start-up package of Austrian Standards – these platform partners contribute to making start-ups aware of the importance of standards (e.g. ÖNORM, EN, ISO) for their innovation processes in order to bring their products and services to market and achieve market take-up fast and sustainably.

"The start-up package of Austrian Standards is the perfect offering for Austrian start-ups: it enables them to easily access the comprehensive know-how laid down in standards. Hence, we are happy to expand our network in this field by AustrianStartups, Start-up Live and weXelerate. Together with these three strong partners we are able to inform the community directly and even better about the numerous opportunities resulting from the application and development of standards," says Karl Grün, Director Standards Development at Austrian Standards, who is looking forward to forthcoming co-operation.

The three start-up network partners


is the biggest innovation centre in Central and Eastern Europe: From the end of September 2017, start-ups will work on new digital business models together with big corporations, incubators, venture capital partners, service and sales partners, investors and service providers at the weXelerate space at Vienna's Danube Canal. The strategic partnership - Austrian Standards recently became a service partner - covers involvement in the Accelerator Program that provides free mentoring and training to selected start-ups to support them in reaching their "go to market" goal. In a first batch, 52 start-ups from 14 countries participate in it.

Stephan Jung, Managing Partner Accelerator & Corporate Program, weXelerate: "Thanks to our partner Austrian Standards, our start-ups get in contact with a competent partner giving them important hints and tips on current international standards early on. Thereby, we enable our start-ups to take account of these standards or even actively shape them in order to design their products or interfaces so that they are compatible."


is an independent non-profit platform for Austria's start-up community that gathers relevant information and resources, makes them available to start-ups and highlights the importance of innovative companies for the business ecosystem in order to strengthen the start-up community.

"We are happy to have Austrian Standards among our co-operation partners. We consider standards to be an important factor that provides orientation to start-ups at the outset and makes their achievements visible internationally. As a platform of the Austrian start-up community we want to make the topic of 'standards' accessible to more start-ups and point out all the opportunities," explains Markus Raunig, Managing Director, AustrianStartups.

Startup Live

More than 100 events with more than 10,000 participants held all over Europe, a network of 500 mentors and more than 1,000 ideas presented make Startup Live a unique event format for networking and promoting start-ups. The best known "alumni" include companies like Runtastic, Shpock, mySugr, Conda, V-play and many more. Startup Live supports start-ups with its strong network made up of business angels, VCs and industry experts.

Tanja Sternbauer, Managing Partner von Startup Live, is pleased to have Austrian Standards as a new partner which can offer specialized support to start-ups in the set-up and expansion phase. "One of our main tasks at Startup Live is the transfer of know-how related to the establishment of start-ups. Many new entrepreneurs are not aware of how standards can facilitate their work at many levels. Our partnership with Austrian Standards ensures that this knowledge is passed on to aspiring start-ups early enough."

In October Austrian Standards will host the first of several start-up events, a three-day international pitching event at which young enterprises present their ideas.

The start-up package of Austrian Standards includes, for example:

  • A free info check: Together with the start-up, we discuss which existing standards could provide support and help in a specific market.
  • An initial set of freely selectable standards at a reduced flat rate for getting started (integrated into a professional online solution)
  • Reduced participation fee for seminars and courses - for quickly acquiring the know-how needed 

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