Expert conference on Industry 4.0: Why digitization needs standards

Austrian Standards hosted the first dialogue on "FutureStandardsNow - Industry 4.0", a sequel is planned for 14 March 2018

Vienna (AS prm, 20.03.2017)
Dialogue "FutureStandardsNow - Industrie 4.0" at Austrian Standards on 15 March 2017

At the dialogue "FutureStandardsNow - Industry 4.0" held on 15 March 2017, an interested community of more than 100 guests learned from practical reports presented by market and technology leaders that standards are vital for new business models and for networking production. Practitioners, researchers and scientists explained the new International Standards which are under development for smart manufacturing. High-level representatives of public authorities outlined the main thrusts and strategic approaches from an economic-policy perspective. The new Normungs-Kompass Industrie 4.0 (Austrian Standardisation Roadmap for Industry 4.0) was presented to a wider audience for the first time.

In co-operation with the Industry 4.0 Austria platform, Austrian Standards convened the first expert congress "FutureStandardsNow - Industry 4.0" on 15 March 2017. Around 110 persons benefitted from this opportunity to get first-hand information on the application of new technologies and on how various standards facilitate new business models and production networking.

In particular, concrete best-practice examples of innovative market and technology leaders provided insights into practice. Most importantly, the participants of this community meeting were able to discuss diverse developments in order to strengthen their competitiveness and to promote their innovativeness.

One of the key topics was the new Standardization Roadmap for Industry 4.0 that was developed with active contributions by Austrian Standards within the framework of the platform. Presented at the FutureStandardsNow dialogue, the Standardization Roadmap identifies, in a simple and clear way, the standards relevant for Industry 4.0 which already exist or are under development in specific fields and the contacts for these activities in Austria.

"For Industry 4.0 to succeed, policy-makers, enterprises, science and research jointly have to set the right course for the development of standards," emphasized Karl Grün, Director Standards Development at Austrian Standards, who was involved in the development of the roadmap and who also presented it.

Dipl.-Ing. Roland Sommer, Managing Director of the Industry 4.0 Austria platform, added: "Standards play a key role in the implementation of Industry 4.0 applications." As Mr. Sommer underlined, they created transparency of process and product characteristics, defined interfaces and thereby contributed to interoperability.

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