Austrian Standards: "Institute" turns "International", and innovation points the way

Adaptation of the name as per 1 January 2018: Austrian Standards International - Standardization and Innovation

Vienna (AS prm, 22.12.2017)

Austria's enterprises succeed with international standards far beyond the country's borders. For many years, more than 90 percent of standards have been developed at the international level – with significant contributions from Austria as Austrian Standards makes it possible for thousands of Austrian experts to set standards based on their innovative ideas internationally and brings know-how in the form of standards from all over the world to Austria.

The Austrian Standards Institute takes account of this time-tested international orientation also in its name from 1 January 2018 on: "Austrian Standards Institute / Österreichisches Normungsinstitut" turns into "Austrian Standards International - Standardization and Innovation" or A.S.I. for short.

"By including the term 'international' in our name, we clearly highlight what Austrian Standards has always been and has accomplished for a long time," says Director Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha. "We form part of a worldwide network, for example as a member of the global standardization organization ISO, and are an important international know-how hub."

Innovation in all areas

The future orientation of Austrian Standards is outlined by the term "innovation". "We are open to new approaches in standards development, to new subjects and requirements as well as new co-operation and partnerships that may go beyond the well-proven system of ISO and CEN," explains the Director of Austrian Standards.

Austrian Standards will not only increasingly open up to the technical, economic and societal topics of the future: from the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 to blockchains and from assisted living to smart cities. In addition to classic work processes, it will also increasingly test and use innovative methods – e.g. co-creation and open innovation – to develop standards.

An essential factor will be to include new subjects and technologies into the development of standards as early as possible in order to improve their market potential right at the start. To that effect, Austrian Standards will open up further so that it can offer and use all the opportunities of the entire standardization ecosystem.

Stampfl-Blaha: "Our new name points the way for the systematic development of our services – in 2018 and far beyond."

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