Austrian Standards presents new online world for digital access to standards and expert knowledge

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The current exceptional situation during the COVID-19 pandemic clearly shows how important digital platforms are for social as well as business life. Austrian Standards International – the organization for standardization and innovation – has systematically adjusted the key levers for its website and online tools to be better prepared than ever for the challenges of the future. These systems are now available online. Thus, the year of the organization’s 100th anniversary also marks the launch of a common digital platform for all stakeholders and for exchanges among them.

Standards ensure trust and safety and seldom have they been more important than now. The world-wide search for suitable protective equipment for citizens and the launch of production by manufacturers from other industries demonstrated the contribution that standards can make. Joining forces with the European and international standardization organizations, Austrian Standards took quick action. Within a few hours, the European and International standards needed for the production of safe personal protective equipment were made available on digital channels for free. From the perspective of Austrian Standards’ Managing Director Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha, this is a best-practice example on how digitalization can be used expediently and quickly for disseminating essential information.

Austrian Standards’ own digital channels have already undergone a comprehensive rebrush since the start of the year. Now a decisive step has been made. “We set up a platform that is both dynamic and stable. It has to meet diverse needs and provide access to extensive, secure information, such as standards, documents, tools, training formats and certification models.” This broad range of requirements called for a bespoke solution so that several Viennese agencies were taken on board: digitalberatung GmbH, 3kraft IT GmbH & Co KG and Brainformance IT-Services GmbH.

Austrian Standards organizes a transparent process for the development of important standards in which stakeholders from industry, research, innovation, professional organizations and many more take part. At the same time, it is a gateway to a global standardization network with partners in 160 countries. “Hence, our new digital world also is a functional forum for all our stakeholders. That was one of the core requirements for a successful rebrush and, consequently, a challenging as well as exciting endeavour,” Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha describes the background of the tangible improvements that users will experience.

Modern presentation with enhanced functionalities

Throughout the project, a major focus was placed on the feedback provided by customers. The outcome is a modern look and feel for the website and online tools – resulting not only in a new design but also new functionalities. The digital world of Austrian Standards becomes more intuitive and more tangible. The presentation of searches was improved. The results are shown with further links and can be filtered. Thanks to simplified navigation, users can get to the webpage they need with a few clicks. All parts of the website have been optimized for mobile devices so that the layout adjusts to the device used and its screen size. With regard to the technological implementation, an Austrian option was selected. “We are particularly proud that we are using an open source solution made in Austria. Instead of investing in license fees paid to international providers, we push ahead with building own competences and support Austrian service providers,” emphasizes Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha.

Austrian Standards wants to set the benchmark for digital access to expert knowledge and relies on ongoing evaluation and improvement during day-to-day operations. The new digital presence is an important milestone in the brand development process and the first starting signal for the activities of the 100th anniversary of Austrian Standards.

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Niklas Jelinek, Head of Public Relations

Niklas Jelinek

Head of Public Relations