Living Standards Award 2021

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The Living Standards Award is the most significant Austrian prize dedicated to standardization and innovation. It pays tribute to success stories on innovative solutions, ideas with export potential and future-oriented technologies.

Austrian Standards is looking for innovative enterprises, organizations, research institutions and start-ups. The Award is also open to individuals, and it is also possible to nominate somebody else.

Standards are solutions for current social and economic challenges.

Based on standards or the development of standards, have you:

  • developed products and/or services making life easier for your customers?
  • improved the quality of your products and/or services or implemented important interfaces?
  • made production or work processes safer and/or test or measurement methods more efficient?

Standards support access to new international markets.

Based on standards or the development of standards, have you:

  • successfully rolled out your products and/or services in a new market?
  • ensured compatibility in international markets?
  • improved co-operation with international suppliers on site?

Standards are drivers of innovation and a bridge to the market, e.g. in the field of energy, health, mobility and the environment.

Based on standards or the development of standards, have you:

  • successfully brought to market innovative products and/or services?
  • reduced development times and/or implemented research results faster?
  • improved research and/or innovation processes?

High visibility for Living Standards Award winners

An expert jury made up of domestic and international experts reviews the proposals submitted. The Award will be presented to the winners at the New Year's reception of Austrian Standards on 21 January 2021.

The Living Standards Award is already presented for the seventh time. Extensive media coverage is guaranteed.

Impressions from last year's Ceremony

Community of Excellence – find out more about previous award winners


Regina Slameczka, Public Relations & Media

Regina Slameczka

Public Relations & Media