An ÖNORM standard is a national standard published by the Austrian Standards International. ÖNORMs are voluntary standards drawn up in committees of the Austrian Standards International. They are either developed upon the initiative of stakeholders or taken over as national standards within the framework of European and international standardization (e.g. CEN/CENELEC, ISO/IEC). ÖNORM standards are issued by the Austrian Standards International.

1. Development of a national standard (ÖNORM)

Everybody can - stating the reasons - submit a project proposal for the preparation of a new ÖNORM standard or ask for the revision of an existing one. An online form for project proposals is available.

If a technical committee dealing with the respective subject already exists at the Austrian Standards International, it will examine - jointly with the applicant - the project proposal for the development/revision of a standard.

For this purpose, it will check whether similar standardization projects are already carried out at the European level. If yes, national developments have to be discontinued because of the so-called "standstill agreement" (except for the revision of existing national ÖNORMs for which an exemption from the standstill obligation can be requested from the European Committee for Standardization CEN).

Furthermore, relevant legal provisions, possible patents and trademark rights, possible international and foreign standards are identified and the parties interested (stakeholders) are determined. It is also possible to consider the development of an ONR.

After this examination in the committee, the project proposal is submitted to the public for comments for four weeks. Project proposals submitted to public enquiry can be commented here.

On the basis of the comments received and the previous examination, the competent committee decides on whether to include the project proposed in its work programme.

2. Procedure

As soon as the Committee has adopted the proposal for preparing a national ÖNORM standard, the public and relevant stakeholders are informed about the standards project as well as the possibility of taking part in it. Furthermore, the other CEN members (i.e. national standardization bodies) are also informed ("notified") of the project.

The committee will then draft the proposed standard  within a pre-defined time schedule. A committee manager of Austrian Standards International will support the project during its entire cycle.

After completion of work, the committee will decide on whether the proposal can be submitted to public enquiry as an ÖNORM-Entwurf (draft Austrian standard).

It the committee decides with no votes against (consensus) to publish the draft ÖNORM, the public can comment on the contents of the draft ÖNORM during a fixed period (six weeks).


Comments on draft standards can be submitted online in the Draft Standard Portal.

The comments received on the basis of this procedure will then be discussed by the committee (if possible, with the participation of those persons who submitted the comments), i.e. the comments will be either accepted or rejected with a statement of the reasons.

Depending on the kind and extent of amendments resulting from the public enquiry, the committee will decide whether:

  • the document can be published as a (finalized) ÖNORM standard,
  • the draft is revised and again submitted for public enquiry as a "2nd draft ÖNORM" or
  • the project is deleted from the work programme.