Prof. Dr. Manfred Matzka

Vice-President of Austrian Standards International

Prof. Dr. Manfred Matzka, Vice-President of Austrian Standards International

Manfred Matzka is Vice President of Austrian Standards International and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bundestheater Holding. During his career, the expert for constitutional and administrative law who holds a degree in law headed the Interior Minister’s private office and a division in the Ministry of the Interior as well as the Division for General Matters at the Federal Chancellery. Precision and strategic orientation coupled with creativity and the courage to adopt unconventional solutions characterize the personality of Manfred Matzka who was born in the Waldviertel region. He sees standards as an indispensable regulatory basis of economic activities and as a form of self-regulation that contributes to deregulation. He has long-standing experiences as a member of supervisory boards of enterprises with public tasks and in the non-profit sector. He taught at the University of Vienna, teaches at the FH Campus Wien and authored numerous legal and non-legal publications, the most recent one being "Die Staatskanzlei - 300 Jahre Macht und Intrige am Ballhausplatz" (The State Chancellery - 300 years of power and intrigue on Ballhausplatz).