Stefan Haas

The graduate mechanical engineer Stefan Haas has been the CEO of TÜV AUSTRIA since 2013 and, furthermore, the president of the International Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organisations (CEOC) since 2017.

Haas has vigorously advanced not only the internationalization of the company group – TÜV AUSTRIA is already active in more than 20 countries –, but also its successful positioning in the fields of collaborative robotics, automated driving, industrial IT and Internet of Things. Stefan Haas considers it important to stay on the cutting edge of technology, promote innovation and think ahead: for example, in the fields of e-mobility and energy efficiency where TÜV AUSTRIA itself also embraces the sustainability principle, for example, by gradually switching to electric vehicles in its own car pool and to green energy in power supply. The most recent initiative of Stefan Haas is "Next Horizon", the establishment of a digital acceleration incubator in the TÜV AUSTRIA Group.

According to Haas, safety changes from being a static state to being a highly dynamic, continuous process that becomes a competitive advantage in a more and more digital world: "Standards significantly contribute to this safety, help achieve more efficiency, consistent quality and sustainability and, moreover, have a strong integrative and coordinating function," believes the CEO of TÜV AUSTRIA.