Sabine Seidler

The graduate material scientist o.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Dr.-Ing. h.c. Sabine Seidler is rector of TU Wien. She became the first female professor of TU Wien in 1996 and its first female rector in 2011, re-elected two times since then. Being responsible for 5,000 employees and around 30,000 students, she continuously demonstrates her management expertise, leadership and diplomatic skills. Her team attests to Seidler's high level of discipline and strong focus on objectives. Being a scientist, she is able to examine issues in an open, precise and efficient way. Her research priorities relate to polymer diagnostics, fracture mechanics and structure-property correlations in polymers. Sabine Seidler publishes continuously, takes part in conferences and takes great pleasure in passing on her knowledge in her teaching activities.

The strategic thinker serves on the supervisory boards of major companies such as Austria Metall AG, chairs the Board of Trustees of the Natural History Museum, works on various advisory boards and juries and is a member of numerous scientific bodies, associations and networks. The native of Germany is characterized by her straightforwardness and good humour as well as her interest in the arts and culture. For Sabine Seidler, standards are clearly defined principles of work that need to be elevated and, at the same time, feasible. "This assures quality in the long term," states the knowledge manager who has been a member of the Presidential Council of Austrian Standards since 2018.