Othmar Berner

Upper Austrian Othmar Berner is the president of the Federal Trade Organization of Roofers, Glaziers and Tinsmiths. Being the founder and managing director of a roofing and tinsmith company, he stands out by his extensive cross-discipline expertise. His strengths also include the targeted search for new solutions. Innovative products and processes that he discovers and develops are also made available to other companies through SBZ Dachtechnik GmbH, which he co-founded. Othmar Berner considers standards to be the foundation for innovations and a vital basis for co-ordinating processes and for working more cost-efficiently.

Berner uses his comprehensive experiences also as a court-certified expert and a long-standing member of the Presidential Council of Austrian Standards. It was by chance that the father of two sons and one daughter became active in the sale of water after purchasing a building dating from the times of the monarchy several years ago. While it was not possible to use the well originally located there anymore, brine emerged from the ground elsewhere. Berner had the spring tapped and has supplied the salt-containing water to bakers, restaurateurs, pharmacies and non-medical practitioners ever since.