Martin Haidvogl

Law graduate Mag. Martin Haidvogl is an expert on administrative organization and local authority law. Being the head of public administration of the City of Graz, he is particularly interested in the interfaces between law and organization and hence, in how standards and liability issues that may result from them influence organizations. Haidvogl, who took office as Austria's youngest head of municipal administration at the age of 32 years in 2000, describes standards as "important pillars of a well-functioning economy," but also warns against using them to shirk personal responsibility.

The father of three who was born in Graz gives lectures, teaches at the University of Graz and authored the companion "Gemeinderecht für Praktiker verständlich erklärt" providing comprehensible explanations of local authority law. Martin Haidvogl is a member of the board of the Law Society of Graz, the Styrian branch of the Austrian managers association WdF and the Presidential Council of Austrian Standards and also plays a leading role in the "Austrian Dialogue Forum on Construction – working together for clear and simple rules for building".