Konstantinos Karachalios

Dr. Ing. Konstantinos Karachalios is managing director of the IEEE Standards Association, an organization of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers developing global standards in the fields of energy supply, medicine, information technology, telecommunications and others. As a member of the IEEE Management Council, Greece-born Karachalios pays particular attention to strategically important industries, such as robotics, blockchain and big data. The IEEE, the biggest organization of electrical and electronics engineers world-wide, plays a leading role in taking account of ethical and social aspects in standardization.

Karachalios combines his extensive expertise in technology and science with a keen interest in humanist, social and philosophical aspects. This forms the basis for his continuous commitment to ensuring that technical progress is to serve broad sections of society and population groups. In addition to texts on science and technology, Karachalios also continuously publishes on culture, policy and knowledge management. For him, standardization is a method of collective collaboration to solve technical problems at a global level. Since 2018, Konstantinos Karachalios has been a member of the Presidential Council of Austrian Standards where the IEEE's European Technology Centre has been based since 2017.