Heidrun Strohmeyer

Mag. Heidrun Strohmeyer is Chief Digital Officer of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. The native of Lower Austria is in charge of the field of information technologies, digitization and media in the Ministry and was decisively involved, for example, in the development and implementation of the "School 4.0" strategy, the introduction of digital textbooks within the framework of the free textbook initiative as well as the overall co-ordination of the "klasse:zukunft" initiative for quality development at Austrian schools. Moreover, the education expert also made significant contributions to the digitization action plan for education, science and research and the initiatives EFit Austria, Future Learning and EFit 21 - digital education as well as the introduction of harmonized pupil management and e-government in the education sector.

In 2007, Strohmeyer initiated the "Bildungsarchitektinnen" network and has been president of the Management Forum for Innovative Public Service since 2009. For the senior civil servant, standards set a framework for the implementation of projects in public administration. Heidrun Strohmeyer who also is vice-president of the Austrian-Guatemalan Society has been a member of the Presidential Council of Austrian Standards since 2018.