Christian Holzer

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Holzer heads the Directorate-General for Waste Management, Chemicals Policy and Environmental Technology at the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism. Previously, the civil engineering and water management graduate (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences) served as the head of the Department for Waste Treatment and Remediation of Contaminated Sites and deputy director-general for Waste Management at the Ministry. With 30 years of experience in important roles in the federal administration, Holzer is considered to be a pioneer of modern waste management. He views environmental protection as a responsibility of society at large in order to achieve sustainability, building on the ecologic, economic and social pillars. His aim is to protect humans and the environment and make available secondary resources by managing wastes and chemicals properly.

According to Holzer, his significant personality traits are open-mindedness, respect and appreciation. Standards are an indispensable element for a well-functioning society for the waste expert. Christian Holzer is a member of the Commission for the Remediation of Contaminated Sites, owner representative at BALSA, the federal government's company for the remediation of contaminated sites, and a member of the board of the Austrian Water and Waste Management Association as well as of the Presidential Council of Austrian Standards.