Alexander Poledna

As Head of Intellectual Property Rights, Standards & Journals, Corporate Research (SF) of voestalpine Stahl GmbH, Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Poledna is responsible for the commercial and legal protection of research and development results. Poledna studied electrical engineering and business informatics at the TU Wien and started his career in industrial plant engineering. Subsequently, he worked in executive positions at subsidiaries of voestalpine in Austria, Germany, South Africa and China. Poledna has been in charge of intellectual property rights and standards at voestalpine since 2013. For his task of providing support to the innovation process throughout the group, he views standards as "an important opportunity for making know-how accessible."

The top manager knows how the interaction of standards and intellectual property rights can positively influence research and development and indicates as one of his key personality traits that he always tries to find the simplest solution. According to Poledna this requires "to look at everything from all perspectives and to put myself in the position of all the parties involved." Alexander Poledna, who also speaks English and Spanish, chairs Committee 021 "Iron and steel" at Austrian Standards and is a member of the Presidential Council.