Dipl.-Ing. Harald Plöckinger

Vice-President of Austrian Standards International

Dipl.-Ing. Harald Plöckinger, Vice-President of Austrian Standards International

As a board member of KTM AG and KTM Industries AG, Harald Plöckinger is in charge of production, purchasing, strategic alliances/business development and Sportcar. Since 2013, Plöckinger has served as vice president of Austrian Standards and made it his task to raise awareness of the importance of standards – in his view they primarily bring safety and security — as a “common language” of an international economy based on the division of labour. The Upper Austrian studied mechanical engineering at the Graz University of Technology and, among others, worked in engine development at BMW and in production and business management of the engine manufacturer Bombardier-Rotax. As a strategist, Harald Plöckinger is used to thinking in a target- and solution-oriented way. He also brings to bear his expertise in the design of production and quality management systems and e-mobility as a member of the supervisory boards of racing systems provider Pankl, chassis component manufacturer WP and energy supplier eww. In addition, the father of two sons contributes to inter-ministerial working groups on e-mobility and is a member of the Trade Association of Austria’s Automotive Industry within the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.