Our claim

Austrian Standards: Driven by Making Sense.

Driven by Making Sense. We stake our claim - on standards, ourselves and our services. We claim something and we demand something: namely that what we do has to contribute to the well-being and safety of all and therefore makes sense.

In this video you will see how - noticed or unnoticed - standards form part of our lives:

Driven by Making Sense

Making sense means that standards - along with the services we render - continuously improve the framework for our economy, society and the environment - in a sustainable manner.

Being an independent, well networked service provider, we are the partner for representing Austrian interests at the European and international level.

Standardization is never an end in itself. Standards are the basis of a resource-efficient and optimized value-added chain. They are practice-oriented solutions ensuring that everything fits together well, developed by committed and competent users from business, professional organizations, public authorities and science.

We are convinced of that. It drives us. And that is defined in our claim "Driven by Making Sense". In a nutshell, that is what we demand from ourselves as well as from standards.

We are Austrian Standards: Driven by Making Sense

That is what we stand for.