What are Standards

Standards constitute confirmed expertise. They provide guidance for effectively planning and implementing entrepreneurial projects. They are a prerequisite for succeeding in a highly developed economy characterized by a division of labour.

Standards document the current state of the art in technology and business. They are accessible to everybody and constitute the basis of innovation. They provide, for example, standardized quality, safety and testing criteria.

Standards are a prerequisite for tackling technical and economic tasks. On principle, their application is voluntary, but makes sense. In special cases, legislators (at the national or regional level) may declare standards or parts thereof "mandatory" by acts of parliament or regulations. In such cases, compliance with them is no longer voluntary but mandatory.

Standards form the basis for proper processes in all fields of the economy and administration. They make sure that everything fits together perfectly and life runs smoothly.

Standards are an important tool for entering new markets. They benefit Austrian exporters, for example, because they reduce transaction costs.

Standards ensure safety and build trust. Be it at work, in business, during leisure activities or at home – people must be able to rely on generally recognized and proven standards.

Driven by Making Sense - in our Video you can learn more about standards and how they improve our daily life.


Driven by Making Sense

Making sense means that standards - along with the services we render - continuously improve the framework for our economy, society and the environment - in a sustainable manner.

Being an independent, well networked service provider, we are the partner for representing Austrian interests at the European and international level.

Standardization is never an end in itself. Standards are the basis of a resource-efficient and optimized value-added chain. They are practice-oriented solutions ensuring that everything fits together well, developed by committed and competent users from business, professional organizations, public authorities and science.

We are convinced of that. It drives us. And that is defined in our claim "Driven by Making Sense". In a nutshell, that is what we demand from ourselves as well as from standards.

We are Austrian Standards: Driven by Making Sense

That is what we stand for.