Benefits for the economy

Standards contribute to success in business. The following success stories provide illustrative examples - from a one-person enterprise to a large regional hospital - of how this works in practice.

Based on practical experience for practical application

Portrait of Bernd Zwattendorfer

Identity management in public clouds

Bernd Zwattendorfer's PhD theses forms the basis of a research project. Standards are a prerequisite.

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KWB stands for innovation and sustainability in the field of renewable energy - also thanks to its involvement in standardization

Power and heat from biomass (KWB)

KWB: Innovative and sustainable in the field of renewable energy - also thanks to its involvement in standardization

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Absam uses standards in day-to-day work

Mayor with clear conscience

Standards provide invaluable support in day-to-day work in the Municipality of Absam.

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KELAG demonstrated the practical workability and conformity of its system through certification and in the preceding audits.

KELAG: Compliance certification

Compliance management system makes an important contribution to permanently safeguarding the enterprise value.

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Frequentis seeks to actively input solutions into standards and guidelines.

Frequentis AG

However, 'setting standards' gives customers the security of knowing that they are investing in a future-oriented system.

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Thanks to a consistent project management tool, the entire project team has the same level of knowledge.

Leonding project management

Leonding is the first Austrian city to implement a professional project management in line with ÖNORM ISO 21500.

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Students and teachers can quickly access soft copies of standards

Vocational schools use meinNormenPaket

The inclusion of training institutions makes sure that tuition always keeps abreast of the state of the art

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Austrian drinking water is subject to very strict hygiene requirements

From the source to the tap

ÖNORM B 5014 protects drinking water from negative effects caused by unsuitable materials

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Stefan Strobl

Notched ball test

PhD thesis on a quality test for the surfaces of ceramic balls forms the basis of ÖNORM M 6341

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Standards demonstrate and document the emission behaviour of plants.

Emission measurements

Compliance with mandatory emission limits protects the environment and ensures optimized combustion.

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"Here in Austria, drinking water is mainly disinfected by means of UV radiation."

Her mission: Clean water

Regina Sommer contributed to the development of national and international standards that are applied worldwide.

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Firefighter car

Compliance Management System

Numerous Rosenbauer experts are actively involved in the (further) development of standards

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Standards definitely also result in economic advantages.

Health care

Bringing enterprises and processes in line with standards results in more professionalism.

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High-grade baby products combine medical competence, optimum functionality and good design.

MAM soothers

Safety is essential for baby products - only the very best can be good enough.

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According to the latest Mercer study, Vienna has the highest quality of life worldwide. Credit Schaub-Walzer.

Vienna's standards management

Knowledge about standards and their professional management are indispensable for local authorities.

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The solution of Austrian Standards is the Reading Room with effects 2.0

University of Leoben

An innovative solution is integrating a variety of standards into university operations

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Standardization work gives you the opportunity to respond to developments early on. Credit: Blum

Julius Blum

The hardware manufacturer Julius Blum turns the opening and closing of furniture into a great experience.

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ÖNORM EN 12975-2 allows for realistic testing conditions.

Solar thermal collectors

Johann Brandmayr develops a test stand for characterizing solar thermal collectors.

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Owing to harmonized foundations, the relevant data have become comparable internationally.omparable

CO2 footprint

CO2 emissions can now be quantified throughout the entire life cycle of goods.

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Certification ensures that the quality level required is fully reached. Credit: Denison

Training of diving instructors

Around 70% of the specifications developed in Austria are also contained in today's European and International Standards.

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The flexible user permission system allows for smooth organization and a good overview.

Effectiveness in hospitals

At gespag, ten hospitals are gathered under a virtual roof and have access to "effects".

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All laboratories - worldwide - are interested in measuring accurately.

Radioactive materials

When you characterize radiation by means of a single parameter, there must be a clear agreement on how to determine this value.

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It is particularly important to identify strategic and policy risks

Risk management in Switzerland

ONR 49000 provides helpful guidance for the implementation of risk management in Switzerland

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Thermal wood can pass the tests without chemicals


MIRAKO is raising the quality of typical hardwood types like beech and ash by thermal treatment

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